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Solar D believes that changes to energy production and consumption can contribute to a better world – not only via clean energy but also via the opportunity to involve everyone in the production chain. This is what we call the beauty of social sharing – the ability to decentralize and share.



Khun Sumrit Sitthiwaranuwong had the idea to start a solar energy company when he was a wide-eyed young engineer during the 2008 oil crisis.

It is Sumrit's goal to change the dominant way of thinking in Thailand by encouraging people to make the move to solar energy. He started Solar D with this goal in mind, and decided on 3 core values


To get off the grid, the energy needs to be available to everyone.


Everyone has the right to enjoy the sun and harness its energy.


The design is catered aesthetically to the client’s needs

Solar-D company is a member of Thai Photovoltaic Industries Association and partner with National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in researching Solar energy electricity system and we are one of the company that is suggested by Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) on our service for solar cells system's installation for household and factory use.

Moreover, Solar-D company is a good partner of World-wide brands, LG and SMA, which we trust and use their products for our service. Our company also has certified by ISO

Our Value

Simple Clean Energy

Best Selection

Our systems use top brands like SMA and LG, which includes warranties for 98% efficiency for the first year and 84.8% efficiency for the next 25 years after. Because we value safety, we've made our Prime package 25% smaller and 200kg lighter than other brands without reducing the WATT production.

Know-How and Experience

With our survey-based sunlight evaluation, we'll help you decide on the most accurate plan to suit your personal needs. Moreover, our specialized teams of engineers will work to meet or exceed your installation and support expectations.


We take pride in our design services because we know how much our clients value their homes. It is our belief that a well-designed solar system will blend in with the roof structure and with the appearance of the home overall.

Connected Service

Our application-based online service allows you to monitor your home's power production and consumption in real-time, so you always know exactly what you're getting from your decision to go solar. This is solar energy, simplified and made homeowner-friendly.

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Beyond Service

We're here to support. Take a look at our online material and download an application here.