My Solar D

is a mobile application that allow you to check and manage electricity production from your Solar system and the electricity usage in your household or property realtime. Available in both iOS and Android version, download FREE




electricity production report
and calculate to your saving.

My Energy Explorer - MEE

An add-on function (Available to purchase) that allow you to check the electricity consumption at your household.

'Near Me' Function

showing Solar-D users' location around the country. This function will be developed for user's social activity in the future.

Points collection

A reward to every reduced CO2 from using solar power. It can be redeemed for many awards and gifts.

Screenshot of Solar-D Application Monthly Energy Calculation Graph

Solar quantity notification system

Compare you the real-time amount of electricity generation from your own solar system and the warranted unit which Solar-D guarantee the minimum amount of daily electricity generation. Our intelligent system will calculate between the two amount and compensate the clients if the amount of generation does not reach the warranted amount.

Screenshot of Solar-D Application Account Page

Problem alert system

Notify warranty expiry date and contact Solar-D support in case an issue occurs.

Solar-D Application's Dashboard Screenshot

Outstanding graphical user interface

Fast and beautiful application launching on your mobile and computer. Intelligent Software, Easy to use, Easy to understand.

My Solar D, your solar monitor application.


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