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Solar-D installation use a standard equipment which is a good grade of Aluminium. It is light, strong and easy and fast to install. It is not a complicated process and use approximately 1 day for a normal house that doesn't have any obstacles for roof installation.


Inverter. Solar Panel has a very long life cycle and noone knows exactly how long can it last. In some places, it has been installed for 30 years and still function normally even though with some less performance. Anyway, Solar panel has a standard 25 years warranty and the performance should be drop less than 0.7% each year so you can rest assure that at least the Solar panel will be function properly until at least 25 years and when reach the 25th year, it should still perform not less than 80%.

For the inverter, there's also no deterioration period specified but the inverter should have a primary warranty of 10 years and later can extend the warranty up until 25 years if desired.


It has been known for a long time that Solar energy has many benefits but the big obstacle that didn't make it more famous in the past is its high cost that equals to about the same as the price of a house. It will take up to 15-20 years for payback period or if you think in eletricity production cost, it will be about 10-15 Baht per unit through out the useful life.

Anyhow, that was 5-10 years ago. Even though it hasn't been long but with advanced technology, solar cell price is majorly decreasing. The cost of electricity under 25 years warranty is now less than 3 Baht a unit. While now we pay about 4-5 Baht per unit for electricity and still rising. We can concluded that Solar roof is now worth the investment and if you sign up to Government's project that will buy electricity from you, you will accelerate the payback period to within 7-8 years.


In the past, battery was a first priority equipment that need most maintenance because of its short life cycle but nowadays it is not necessary to use battery anymore so there is barely any other maintenance cost under our Solar panel's 25 years warranty and inverter's 10 years warranty (which you can extend the warranty later on) except from casual cleaning.

Because the best advantage of Solar cell system is "simplicity". It has no mechanism, no moving parts, no chemical reaction or combustion and has slower deterioration process compare to other way of electricity production.


Yes. Solar energy can be use with any electronic equipment and numbers of it. Most common misunderstanding about installing a solar panel on your roof is to think that you have to calculate your energy use in a very detailed information to be able to make enough solar energy for your household use, especially when the Sun is absent which the energy will be stored sufficiently in a battery so we have to calculate the exact estimation of energy use for that.

This is a slightly misunderstanding. It is actually the meaning of Off-Grid system or a system that doesn't connect with cables. This originated in the past where solar energy often use in remote area where cables cannot be sent to. Even though solar energy is very expensive but it's worth more than cables shipment and installment in those areas. Without the cables, battery is needed to store electricity for night time or when the Sun is absent.

Nowadays we use solar energy in the area with easy access for cables to be installed so the battery is not necessary anymore because the cable system will be the source of uninterruptible power supply with the inverter as an equipment to switch between the two power supply.

And the absence of battery decreases much more cost, complexity, battery maintenance and power unstability. This makes an On-grid system the most popular system in the World when it comes to install a solar panel on the roof.

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Mobile Monitoring Application

Mobile Monitoring Application

Your solar system comes connected to a real-time monitoring application. You'll be able to check energy production and consumption anyday, anytime.

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Mobile Monitoring Application Mobile Monitoring Application Mobile Monitoring Application

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