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We’re always happy to add value to your homes and offices as we strive to change the nature of energy consumption in Thailand. Check out our customers’ testimonials below, and consider becoming one of our satisfied clients today.

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Mr. Thitikorn, Mrs. Duangnapha Autsadatorn

This house was built 10 years ago to be a newly weds house of Mr. Tom – Thitikorn and Mrs. Pook – Duangnapa Autsadatorn on Mr.Tom’s mother land. With the village’s golf park view, the house is designed in resort style to blend with the environment. But being a big house. the electricity bill goes up to the average of 7,000 to 10,000 Baht per month. At the time, Mr.Tom’s brother was about to build a house on a land next to it and was planning to install solar cells system so he invited Mr.Tom to join as well.

After they’ve been searching and learning about solar power, they had come to the final decision and chose Solar-D Co., Ltd. Mr.Tom said that during the decision making process, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) just started to buy electricity and he received advices from Solar-D to apply to sell electricity to the MEA and Solar-D took care all the process. Mr.Tom said producing electricity for sell is a good thing because the selling price per unit is higher than the amount of money paid for electricity bill. The price paid for electricity is about 3-4 baht per unit but the selling price of electricity per unit is 6.85 baht and it is a contract of 25 years. Solar-D also has an application for customers to check electricity usage and production.



Bangkok Patana School

a well-known international school in Thailand which was founded in 1957 has been installed solar cell system for the purpose of students’ knowledge. Students get to learn about electricity production using solar energy with real solar panel on a real production that produce electricity for the school’s usage. Beyond seeing the experiment in science subject in the lab, children get to see the real process through a transparent program from Solar-D corporation, who installed solar cells for their Science Centre building.

The school’s science teacher told us that Bangkok Patana School wants to promote and educate students about Solar energy and how can it be used in buildings. Solar-D company installed Solar cell system with 93 LG Mono x Neon Solar panels of 25.575 KiloWatts using 153.45 square metres installation space. With these solar cells, it can produced 36,733 units of electricity per year.

Apart from solar cell system that Solar-D company have installed for the school, Solar-D company also set an application that display work process, production quantity and its building electricity usage through a friendly and easy to understand CI that promotes learning and good for children to understand. This project is one of the project that Solar-D is very glad to be a part of. To be one of the many to build awareness and conciousness on clean energy for Thai juveniles.


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